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Jo sunshine's rendition of the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens

I'm pleased to welcome Jo Adamson, also known as Jo Sunshine, as the latest artist to take part in my project to promote local creative talent in the constituency.

Jo thought she may never draw again after she was registered blind following a car crash 10 years ago. After being homeless for a while Jo is a former Big Issue vendor who became well known in the City, and much loved for her singing and her ‘sunshine’ attitude in the face of adversity. When she was encouraged by a local Women’s group to pick up her artistic passion again, she discovered she could use light reflecting wax crayon on dark paper to create vibrant and colourful art. Jo has never wasted a piece of paper since, and brings to life scenes from across Glasgow and beyond.

She has since created a series of drawings for the Big Issue, and has featured in the magazine several times. With exhibitions across Glasgow, including solo exhibitions in Cass Art on Queen Street, the Women’s Centre in Maryhill, and now Patrick Grady MP’s constituency office, she is becoming famous for her bright and uplifting art work.

Jo has sold hundreds of drawings all over the world, with customers from South Korea to New York, France and England. Her work has also been featured in the BLiSS art and architectural installation trail through "Rob Roy Way" around Loch Earn. As part of an interactive travel app, visitors to the region are able to see Jo's art work at each location they go to, which brings the public spaces and history of the area to life.

The artworks exhibited the constituency office have a political theme and include ‘A Women’s Right to Vote’ and ‘Budget Day Gloom’, amongst others. She has also displayed illustrations of several local landmarks such as the Kibble Palace, and the famous Café D’Jaconelli’s in Maryhill Road.

It’s wonderful to see local landmarks celebrated, and Jo’s work is incredibly colourful and vibrant. It’s a real pleasure to have Jo’s work on display and I hope this exhibition helps her gain even more notoriety.

Commenting on taking part in the Local Artist project, Jo said: “If my art makes people smile, I’m happy. It’s such a powerful means of expression, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. It’s great to have my own solo exhibition in Patrick’s office, and I just hope my drawings bring some joy to folk.

Jo’s art work is on display in the Glasgow North constituency office, in Firhill Road, where you can view it until the end of August.

More information about Jo’s work can be found on twitter @JoSunshineArt or via Facebook at or Instagram here:

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