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Patrick Grady, SNP MP for Glasgow North, is pleased to welcome professional artist Marta Adamowicz as the latest artist to take part in his project to promote local creative talent in his constituency office. 

Marta Adamowicz is a visual and sound artist. In 2017 her artwork was part of the RGI annual exhibition, the Clydeside Annual exhibition (considered for best in show), the Merchant City Festival Pop-up gallery at the City Halls and Old Fruitmarket, and in 2018 the RSA Open Exhibition. Her sound work Poludnica has been exhibited in few locations around Scotland, including Glasgow International festival 2018. Its’ radio version has been a part of Radiophrenia Glasgow and Radio Borealis in Bergen. She has always been interested in video and design, however since becoming a mum she moved more towards traditional visual forms, such a sketching, drawing and painting as it is something that she can do with her daughter.

The artworks exhibited for Patrick’s constituency office depict the important historical background of several key Glasgow landmarks including the Southern General Maternity Unit, the Red Road flats, and the Titan Crane amongst others. She has also displayed illustrations of several Ukrainian, Polish and Russian figures deeply ingrained in stories and folklore.

Patrick Grady said: “It’s wonderful to see Glasgow landmarks brought to life so vividly, and Marta’s work is incredibly striking and bold. Her folklore depictions are beautifully illustrated and interpreted. They evoke a rich tapestry of belief and bring to life fascinating figures. It’s a pleasure to have Marta’s work on display and I hope this exhibition helps her gain even more notoriety.”

Commenting on taking part in the Local Artist project, Marta said: “I’m delighted to have a solo exhibition in the constituency office. It’s great to be part of a project that highlights creative talent, and to have local display which anyone can drop by and view.” 

Marta’s art work is on display in the Glasgow North constituency office, in Firhill Road, where you can view it until the middle of July.

More information about Marta’s work can be found here: or via Facebook at

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