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SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP asked the Prime Minister if she intends to ‘keep her word to Scotland’ that she would not trigger Article 50 until she had an agreed “UK-wide approach”.

The SNP’s Depute Leader referred to Theresa May’s commitment following her visit to Edinburgh in July last year, and asked “if the United Kingdom is a partnership of equals, will the Prime Minister compromise like the Scottish Government and reach a negotiated agreement before invoking Article 50, or will she just carry on regardless?

Patrick Grady MP called out the Prime Minister on the outdated procedures of the House of Commons and asked if she agreed with him that rules should be changed to ensure that members from all sides of the House get a fair share of the time available. It followed a 58-minute speech last night by the SNP MP in the chamber where he referenced the SNP’s fifty amendments to the EU bill. The MP was keen to put forward SNP arguments following Monday evening, when only 4 SNP MPs were called during the 7-hour debate on the bill, including Joanna Cherry QC MP who was cut off from speaking, leading Alex Salmond MP to raise a Point of Order.

New polling published today shows support for independence has been boosted after Theresa May vowed to remove the UK from the European Union’s single market.

Angus Robertson MP said: “Last night parliamentarians from across the Chamber and across the parties voted overwhelmingly against the UK government's Brexit plans in the Scottish Parliament.

“When she was in Edinburgh on 15 July last year, the Prime Minister pledged that she would not trigger article 50 until she had an agreed “UK-wide approach”.

“Given that the Scottish Parliament has voted overwhelmingly against her approach and all but one MP representing a Scottish constituency in the House of Commons voted against her approach, she does not have an agreed 'UK-wide approach'.

“The Prime Minister has been unable to tell people in Scotland today whether she intends to keep her word.

“The Tories think they can do whatever they want to Scotland and get away with it – but as today’s polling suggests, their arrogance and complacency is badly misplaced.”


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