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As you may be aware, the UK Government have announced plans to close 8 Jobcentres in Glasgow – removing half of the offices from the city. But the fight continues on to stop the closures and #SaveOurJobcentres!

Maryhill Jobcentre is one of the offices slated for closure, forcing local residents to travel to Springburn, making it much harder for people to find work, and putting vulnerable people at even greater threat from the DWP's callous sanctions regime.

Despite the UK Government’s attempts to sneak these plans through over the Christmas holidays, pressure from Glasgow’s MPs forced them in to extending the consultation. Now we must use this opportunity to send a clear message to the UK Government that Glasgow opposes these closures.


Here are 3 ways that you can help  with the campign to save Glasgow's Jobcentres:

1) Attend the public meeting which I am hosting - along with my colleagues Bob Doris, MSP for Maryhill & Springburn, and local Councillors John Letford and Franny Scally - to discuss the future of Maryhill Jobcentre. The meeting will be held on Monday 16 January at Maryhill Community Centre between 16:30 and 18:00. The address is Hall 1, 35 Avenuepark Street, Glasgow, G20 8TS. This is an opportunity for the whole community to have their voices heard on these outrageous proposals. Please come along on Monday evening and have your say.

 2) Write a response to the UK Government’s consultation outlining your opposition to make sure that they get the message. To make this as easy as possible, I’ve created a short survey based on the consultation questions which you can complete online. I will forward all the responses I receive to the DWP for consideration as part of the consultation. You can fill in the survey here.

3) If you have not already done so, please sign and share the petition to oppose the closure of Glasgow’s Jobcentres. We’ve had a great response so far but the more signatures we get, the more pressure we put on the UK Government to drop these morally outrageous plans. You can sign the petition here.


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