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Patrick Grady MP CAB Switched On Campaign

Patrick Grady MP is backing National Consumer Week, a campaign to help people use their consumer rights to get problems with faulty goods like TVs, laptops and mobile phones resolved.

Research from Citizens Advice has revealed that two thirds of people had a problem with faulty electrical goods in the last two years.

However, 1 in 4 people were turned away by retailers when they tried to get a refund, a replacement item or get their item repaired, despite it being the retailer’s responsibility to help.

The research also showed that persistence paid off, with 61% of people who were initially turned away going on to get some form of solution.

The survey findings suggest that both shoppers and retailers may not be aware of their rights and responsibilities around faulty electrical goods.

On Tuesday 29 November Patrick Grady MP attended an event in parliament which explored the problems people face in getting a solution from retailers, and highlighted issues around counterfeit electrical items which in some cases can be unsafe.

Patrick Grady MP said:

“People aren’t getting the solutions for faulty products they’re entitled to.

“As people hit the shops for Christmas, it’s important that they get to know their consumer rights so they can return faulty items in the confidence that shops have a duty to help them.

“If you’ve got a faulty product and you’re struggling to get your money back, get a replacement item or get it repaired, contact Citizens Advice for further help.


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