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Priti Patel must 'urgently clarify her own commitment'

SNP International Development spokesperson Patrick Grady MP has called on the new Tory minister at the Department for International Development (DFID) to clarify comments that she thought the department she is now in charge of should be scrapped as it was guilty of 'wasting money'.

Newly appointed Secretary of State, Priti Patel had suggested previously that funding for DFID would be better spent elsewhere and her appointment to the post has raised eyebrows as she has been so adamant in her opposition to the Department's work in the recent past.

Patrick Grady MP commented: "Priti Patel's previous comments which suggest DFID should be scrapped are alarming, and I call on her to be clear what her goals are for the department.

"I hope Priti Patel's appointment represents a change of heart from her previously expressed views about the department - and if that is the case then I look forward to working with her.

''The U.K. Government is the first G8 country to meet the 0.7% target for national income to be spent on aid, which was achieved and enshrined in law with cross-party support. The new Secretary of State must confirm this remains the UK government's position, and she must urgently clarify her own commitment to DFID remaining a stand-alone government department.

''DFID is widely respected around the world and ensures that the perspective of developing countries is heard around the cabinet table and with the presence of DFID as a UK government department headquartered in Scotland – it has a major impact on jobs.''

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