Patrick Grady

Four nation consent amendment 'vital' to Scotland's interests

The SNP candidate for Glasgow North, Patrick Grady, has pledged to always stand up for Scotland’s place in Europe if elected – and to be a strong voice against the Euro-hostile agenda at Westminster.

While the prospect of an in/out referendum being called by Westminster is growing increasingly likely , polling has repeatedly shown that people in Scotland support EU membership and are in favour of the SNP’s plan to table an amendment to any future EU referendum bill for a ‘four nation consent’ – to ensure Scotland isn’t dragged out of Europe against its will.

Under the plans set out by the First Minister, each nation of the UK would have to vote in favour of leaving the EU before the UK could withdraw – which has the support of Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and has been described as ‘worth considering’ by the Welsh First Minister.

The most recent polling on the issue shows that 60 per cent of people in Scotland are in favour of the plan – compared to just 14 per cent who are against.

Commenting, Mr Grady said:

“The Westminster establishment seems intent on holding an in/out referendum on Europe despite the consequences any EU exit could have for Glasgow North and for Scotland – and completely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of people in Scotland support continuing to work in partnership with our allies on the continent.

“For the UK to quit the European Union against the wishes of the people of Scotland would be completely unacceptable. This is exactly why the SNP’s plan to table an amendment at Westminster calling for any future referendum to require all four nations in the UK to vote for an exit before the UK could pull out of Europe is so vital.

“This common-sense plan already has the backing of Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, and has been described as ‘worth considering’ by the First Minister of Wales – and polls show that it is supported by the vast majority of people in Scotland.

“A strong team of SNP MPs elected in May will always ensure that Scotland’s voice isn’t drowned out by the Euro-hostility inspired by UKIP at Westminster – and I pledge to people in Glasgow North that if elected I will stand up against the democratically indefensible idea of Scotland being dragged out of the EU against the wishes of people living here."


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