Patrick Grady

I’m pleased that the Scottish Government has announced new plans to tackle the problem of nuisance calls and scam sellers, with people across Glasgow North to benefit.


The national Nuisance Calls Action Plan unveiled by Scottish Government Economy Secretary Keith Brown MSP, will include a £50,000 fund to install call-blocking technology for those most at risk from nuisance calls.

The Scottish Government has also written to the UK Government urging greater action to reduce the volume of nuisance calls, as power over regulation remains at Westminster.

Nuisance calls and scam sellers plague millions of people every year, and they disproportionately affect people in Scotland.

With the elderly and the most vulnerable among those targeted, these calls are not just irritating; they can also cause real harm and blight people’s lives.

I welcome the Scottish Government’s Nuisance Calls Action Plan, with a range of practical measures including a new £50,000 fund to install call-blocking technology, that will make it easier for people in Glasgow North to identify these calls and protect themselves.

As the power to regulate lies at Westminster, it is crucial that the UK Government takes greater action to reduce the volume of nuisance calls, including exploring a model of automatic opt-outs from unwanted calls.

Alex Neill, Managing Director of Home Products and Services at Which?, who have long campaigned against intimidating nuisance calls, also commented:

“Scots continue to receive more nuisance calls than the rest of the UK, and the SNP Government’s Action Plan will deliver positive changes to ensure people are no longer bombarded by these unwelcome calls, while we await action from the UK Government.”

Members of the public can pledge to support the Which? Nuisance calls campaign at:


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