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Patrick Grady MP encourages constituents to use a life-changing hearing aid support service after visiting a charity’s drop-in session in Partick.

 Today I visited the Centre for Sensory Impaired People, 17 Gullane Street to speak with local residents taking advantage of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s fortnightly Hear to Help drop-in.

Hear to Help coordinator, Lainey McFarlane, and volunteers, who have been trained by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde audiology department, clean and re-tube service users’ NHS hearing aids so that they work more effectively and can adjust them to be more comfortable to wear.

The service also provides new hearing aid batteries and a range of information about assistive equipment such as amplified phones, TV listeners and vibrating / flashing alarms, which can make everyday life easier for people with hearing loss.

I was delighted to find out about how Hear to Help is supporting especially older people in our communities to ensure their hearing aids continue to work properly without needing to travel to hospital.

Hear to Help provides a wonderful, friendly service and I urge everyone who needs information or assistance with their NHS hearing aids to pop in to the service’s upcoming drop-in sessions in Partick or request a home visit.

 At the end of my visit this morning, Lainey McFarlane, Hear to Help Coordinator, thanked me for stopping by and once again highlighted the value of their service: “We thank Patrick Grady MP for visiting our drop-in to see how the patient and knowledgeable support we provide can help people to persevere with their hearing aids and hear their friends and family more clearly.”

 The next drop-in sessions in the Centre for Sensory Impaired People take place between 10am-12noon on Friday 25 August and Friday 8 September.


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