Patrick Grady

I attended a new digital skills training and work experience programme called Nominet Digital Neighbourhood at The Albany Centre in my constituency last week.

 The programme was launched by Nominet, the internet company best known for running the .UK internet infrastructure, the scheme, unlike many others, trains young people aged 18-24 in a range of digital skills and then offers them paid work experience opportunities with local SMEs which lack the digital expertise required to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them online.

It was great to meet with the young people taking part in the programme while they learnt about about a range of different IT sector roles. The Nominet Digital Neighbourhood programme aims to train 175 young people as it reaches us here in Glasgow North and the cities of London, Cardiff and Leeds over the next two months. Each young person will embark on a three-day training course with a qualified expert covering social media skills, Google AdWords and SEO, and following its completion be matched with a suitable local SME that requires their skills for a paid placement. For more information on the programme, visit Nominet’s website.



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