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Patrick Grady MP with Marwa Ebrahim and her baby box design

Glasgow School of Art student, and participant of Patrick Grady MP’s Local Artist Project, Marwa Ebrahim has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ following the results of the Scottish Government’s Baby Box Design competition announced earlier last month.

The primary aim of the baby box is improving child health and tackling infant mortality and the Scottish Government programme will be rolled out nationwide later this year. Marwa was one of 70 artists who submitted entries in a competition overseen by Dundee’s V&A Museum of Design, and was chosen by the judges to receive the prestigious acclamation, who were clearly impressed with the quality of her design.



Marwa’s design focused on the ideas of imagination, play and family bonding, which aid the mental and emotional development of a growing infant. The surface design featured playful, modern illustrations that act as visual reminders of the various activities parents, carers, and family members can enjoy with their babies, which help stimulate the baby’s mind and senses, as well as allow for more parent-child bonding.

The lid featured a customisable photo-frame designed to document key milestones in the child’s development. The box base was designed to offer parents and other family members bonding activities, working their way around the box throughout the first year of life.



With innovative and creative ideas such as providing puppet shapes that parents and children could trace, the design also promoted imaginative storytelling, thereby further enhancing bonding opportunities.

Marwa said: "It was amazing to be part of a positive project that aims to improve so many people's lives! I greatly enjoyed rising to the challenge of designing an interactive surface print for the baby boxes and I am thrilled to have been awarded Highly Commended by the judges!"

Patrick Grady said: “I was extremely proud to have one of the artist project’s participants involved in such a high-profile campaign, and receiving ‘Highly Commended’ is an incredible achievement.”

“The praise and acclaim that Marwa received is testament to the creative and imaginative spirit which she brings to her work. Marwa is incredibly talented, and I have no doubt that she has a rich and rewarding career ahead of her.”



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